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What is A Pillow Pad?

A pillow pad is a revolutionary tandem combining a pillow and a device support. Backed by the idea of a soft pillow and a sturdy device support, pillow pads will surely give you ease while you comfortably sit down and relax as you enjoy using your device or reading your book! An ergonomic item, as well as a useful one, it features a side pocket to secure small items.

We have a great selection of original pillow pads that you can choose from based on your personal color preference. Different colors are made available for you to choose from.

Common Features of A Pillow Pad

Pillow pads are made from sponge materials that make ideal for a great cushion, and also forms as a support for your device. The cover is made from fuzzy textured cloth that gives it a pleasant finish. They are compatible for any device that weighs enough to be supported by the pillow. With an additional side net pocket for safekeeping of valuables like a phone or charger, pillow pads are your soft friend for comfortable viewing.


Why Use A Pillow Pad

An average movie would take at least an hour. Video chatting with friends would take a lot of gestures, like giggling and laughing. Invested reading in a book would take hours. If done altogether, your hands can get so restless you won’t have enough energy to finish other menial tasks after. Why not spare your hands, so you can spare your energy with our pads!

With no rocket science involved, you’ve got to have that enjoyable, comfortable viewing and reading experience! Simply place your device or book on the pad’s reclining surface. Furthermore, it is always handy and no matter how many times it falls or is rolled over by you, it does not break! What makes it more great is that its cushion feature is made with sponge material!

Pillow pads are for all ages and for all genders. You can use it anytime, anywhere. It is a simple solution for your ergonomic entertainment concerns. With pillow pads, you can give your all while video chatting, relax while you watch a movie and be so invested while you read a book.

Almost everybody owns a gadget that is why more and more people see its benefits, pillow pads become more in demand! For a viewing and reading experience done comfortably, the original pillow pad is your ultimate buddy.

Using Your Pillow Pad

Pillow pads are securely sealed in its packaging upon arrival. Don’t worry if it looks deformed when taken out of its packaging; just let it rest so it can retain its designated shape. You can also manually adjust the shape of the pillow pad, by patting up and gently pulling out the corners. Once satisfied with its form, you can now use it to place your devices or book on it. Use it anywhere and anytime.

Take note that it is not water resistant, thus, using it near a wet area is not advisable. When you prefer to wash it, simply wash with water and soap and dry it like washing your pillow using a delicate setting.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of pillow pad differs according to your color preference. It is important to note that buying one will surely give you the ease in your viewing experience. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at guaranteed the best price!


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Pillow Pad Australia was designed to provide the best viewing angles and support. We were born of Love, with love and we hope you enjoy your pillow pads.